Alex MondayEdit

Alexandra "Alex" Monday
Kid 4
Gender Female
Age 18
Color Blonde
Nationality USA
Hometown Witchita Hills
Born July 17, 1995
Professional Information
Profession Cheerleader Captain
Friends and Family
  • Tommy Anderson
  • Joanna Millberry (best friend)
  • Jetta Perkins
  • Mr. Garcia
  • Dorthey
  • Jake Simpson
  • Blaine
Enemies Clear Rivers (rival)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearence:
Portrayed by: Parker Posey


Alex Monday is a stage name of high-strung actress Tori Spelling. She co-starred in Stab and Stab 2 as Clear Rivers . She retired from movie filming for a while and is now a newspaper reporter. She is Tommy's Exgirlfriend and Clear's High School Arch Enemy and Rival


Alex is an ambitious young starlet and when she quited stardome she became a Newspaper reporter and now sense she moved in The City Of Margona she met Tommy and dated for 5 years then he broke up with her and he met Clear then dated her cause she is smart and then Alex noticed Clear and started torturing her insulting her and sabatoges her work and made Tommy her assisant Reporter which made Clear really pissed off and had an affair with Tommy 3 times .


Alex is a rich, fancy, prissy girl . She acts more mature than Clear, but makes no secret of the fact that she considers herself superior to others due to her enormous wealth. Despite her selfish personality, she somehow makes friends easily (probably for letting people in her private jet, yacht, airship/casino, etc). She is a mean, selfish, and arrogant girl who takes great pleasure in asserting her perceived superiority over middle-class citizens like his archrival Clear. She also speaks in a very mocking tone, placing great emphasis on her low regard for Clear and an equally large amount of inflated praise in her lavish lifestyle.

She will have her moments where she will be mean to everyone and somethimes Tommy and she is always mean to Clear she never said or did a nice thing to her or even have her Mean Girl Moments , but she is still apart from the group.


Tommy AndersonEdit


Tommy and Alex had a short relationship they were dating for 3 years til he broke up with her sense he found out she was being a bitch. They still have good terms with each other and Alex is desperatley finding ways to get him back even if she has to torture or get rid of her arch rival, Clear.

Clear RiversEdit

(arch rival)

Clear and Alex known each other sense high shcool and they never liked each other. Alex always enjoys the entertainment of pushing Clear's buttons and always find ways to make her look bad. Clear is painfully jealous of her successful and fabulous lifestyle that she constantly attempts to show Alex she's not a loser, with varying results.


  • "Where? Nancy Drew wants to know where." (To Clear)
  • "Who were you supposed to be protecting?!" (To Tommy)
  • "You're obsessed with her and you're obssesed with her daughter!" (To Milton)
  • "It was murder can't you understand that . That bastard murdered him" (To Mr. Garcia)
  • "Well Well Well look who the cat dragged in" (To Clear)
  • " (sigh) Bliss" (To Herself)
  • "It's like talking to an eggplant" (About Gunther)
  • "Oh Yes ... I Was" (To Dorothy)
  • "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees" (To Clear)
  • "I can think of 3 good reasons" (To Herseflf)
  • "Yeah she's really not my friend , bye Tommy!" (To Tommy)
  • "Hi Tommy, Hi Rupaul" (To Tommy and Clear)
  • "You are such a dumbass!" (To Dorothy)
  • "This can't be happening" (About Clear and Tommy)
  • "She's is so fucking charming" (About Clear)
  • "(sniffs air) Lilac" (to Herself)
  • "Take this toothbrush and brush it till it's foamy and put this glass of water on your head and and make yourself upside down and go LA LA LA LA LA LA LA (To Gunther)