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Come Together


Season №:1
Episode №: 1
Airdate: May 6 , 1999

Sister episode(s): Leaf Blower Meet Clear Rivers

Tommy Marathon Rank: # 6
TommyBash Rank: # 24

Come TogetherEdit

Come Together is a Tommy Anderson episode from Season one In this episode, Tommy perseveres in getting a job at the Diner Dash, despite the obstacles he has to face..


  • 7:00 a.m.: Tommy wakes up

Title cards: None

Characters present:

Tommy Anderson - The Fun Boy Who Got His Job In Diner Dash

Gunther Griffin - The Fat Dumb Boy who Gave Tommy Confidence To Go And Talk To Garcia

Jetta Perkins - Tommy & Gunthur's Grumpy Neighbor And The Cashier On Diner Dash

Mr Garcia - Tommy & Jetta's Cheap Skate Boss

Anchovies - The Hungry Groups Of Fish Who Will Do Anything For Food


  • 249 PantaNina Rd (debut)
  • Diner Dash (debut)
  • WalMart (debut)


Tommy Anderson wakes up and was completly ready to go and he ran alll the way down to Diner Dash but he was scared and want to go back but Gunther gave him confidence to go in Diner Dash so he ran back down and met up Mr. Garcia & Jetta and they tricked him to go out to WalMart and buy The Autimatic Spatula 5000 and they notice it was just a made up spatula and then a group of Anchovies came and almost tore the whole place down and then Tommy came and saved they day and fed all the Anchovies and he was the head chef for making Kamie Patties and then he got over board by giving Gunther a mountain of Patties


Work It Out - DJ Davis


  • Tommy had a pet scallop that he kept in a birdcage. This can also be seen in later episodes
  • In Come Together, Scamper's eye pupils are red dots, but in further episodes they are black dots in red dots.
  • Right before Jetta tells the anchovies to get in a "neat single-file line" one of them says "speak up!".
  • The last time Tommy says "I'm Ready" in Come Together, his collar turns red.
  • Jetta's house looks different in this episode


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