Crazy in Love is sung by Beyoncé from her debut solo album Dangerously in Love. This song was released as a single on iTunes.

It is sung in the Season 1 episode Crazy Stupid Love, when they are performing in the choir room for the High School Of Performing Arts. The performance contains a lot of "hairography", or frequent hair tossing (with all of the boys wearing long wigs). This performance was inspired by the Jane Addams Acadamy girls' performance of Bootylicious. Tommy and Tancy have lead vocals in this number.

This song is second on Jetta Perkins "Worst Songs Sung By The Show " list in the Season 2 episode Prom Wreakers, behind Run Babe Run

Crazy in Love
Album: The Tommy Anderson Soundtrack
Released: Crazy In Love single
By: Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z
Sung by: The Gang
Solos: Tommy Anderson ,Tancy Sheldon
Place: Music Room
Episode: Crazy Stupid Love