Episode Information
Episode 3sw
Season №: 1
Episode №: 8
Airdate: May 3, 2000


Tommy Anderson episode from Season one In this episode, Gunther is trying to compete in a contest of unnatural talents and his secret talent is burping with anonoymous words but when he gets the Hiccups will he win.


Title cards:Edit


Later For Sure

Soon Enough



Characters present:Edit

  • Tommy Anderson
  • Gunther Griffin
  • Jetta Perkins
  • Clear Rivers
  • Alex Monday
  • Richie
  • Blake Vasuvious
  • Mr. Garcia


  • 249 PantaNina Rd
  • Diner Dash
  • The Town Auditorium


The episode opens with Gunther burping all night which aggrivates Everyone and they try to shut him up but, Gunther would not listen so Tommy comes over and tells Gunther to stop burping and Gunther refuses cause he is competing for the competition this week and he really needs to get to win but, when Richie, Gunther's rival sets off bragging about how him and his friend Rex is gonna win the competition and Tommy and Gunther trains for weeks until Gunther had the hiccups and when The Gang tries anonoymous things to kill the hiccups it got even worse so During the contest Gunther decided to go on and use his Huccups for his talent and he had a battle with Rex and when they both lost to Mr. Garcia's talent of doing 4 different acts at once Gunther felt proud of what happened tonight and he suddenly burps and Tommy said "Ew Dude"