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Season One: 1999–2000Edit

Title card # Title Airdate Credits
Come Together
1 Pilot : Come Together May 2 , 1999
Tommy Anderson has his 1st job at Diner Dash
Episode 1
2 Leaf Blower May 3 , 1999
Tommy tries to get rid of a leaf off his lawn with a new leaf blower
Episode 2
3 Meet Clear Rivers May 3 , 1999
Tommy meets his soulmate Clear Rivers
Episode 9
4 Crossover May 15, 1999
When Tommy and Gunther messes around with Clear's time machine they get transported back to the 80's
Episode 1
5 Heat Rash May 18, 1999
Jetta tries to show off at Clear's summertime sprinkler party.
Episode 2
6 Sweet Home Alabama May 23, 1999
The girls have their girls night out and the boys are stuck at home, with nothing to do but, throw a wild party
Episode 3
7 Cake With No Spoon May 27, 1999
Clear made a birthday cake for her grandmother and she tells the guys not to eat it so as the boys gaurd the cake who knows who will come after it
Episode 3sw
8 Hiccup! May 5 ,  2000
Gunther gets the huccups which will really ruin his chance of winning the competition against his arch rival, Richie
Episode 4
9 Scary Love part 1 May 8, 2000
When the gang visits Paris, Gunther meets his soulmate, Dorothy and she becomes a complete psycho and becomes an obsessed stalker
Episode 5
10 Scary Love part 2 May 8, 2000
As the gang enjoys "The City Of Love", Tommy meets his ex, Alex Monday and things heat up as Tommy also learns, her and Clear severly hate each other
Episode 6
11 Pranks Go Go May 10, 2000
Tommy and Gunther decide to play practical jokes on their roomates. Only to find out that the pranks are coming back at them in a big way
12 Shadow May 10, 2000
Tommy and Mr. Garcia create a tainted burger which killed a health inspector
Parallel Panic
13 Parallel Panic! May 14, 2000
The gang gets parralelled back in time only to go on a race against time to save Tommy
Episode 7
14 Screams May 23, 2000
After watching a scary movie, Tommy has been having severe nightmares
Episode 10
15 The Fourth Wall May 28, 2000
Alex creates a website where she cyber bullys, Clear
Episode 11
16 Red-Handed April 1, 2000
When the gang is trapped in the middle of the desert they have to find a way out
Episode 12
17 In The Zone April 1, 2000
When Gunther buys a new video game for Tommy he becomes obsessed with it
Episode 13
18 Explosive Nights April 16, 2000
Gunther creates an explosive nuclear bomb and the town only has 80 mins to stop it or else
Episode 14
19 False Reality April 16, 2000
When Tommy wins the lottery and he shares the $ with his friends they live like millionaires
Episode 15
20 Iceburger April 19, 2000
When the weather suddenlly turns dangerously cold, Tommy has only 12 hours to stop the freezing cold before it's too late
Episode 26
21 Home Sweet Home April 24, 2000
After suffering boardom, Tommy decides to have a family reunion
Episode 16
22 Fire VS Ice April 30, 2000
When Fire strucks and begins to burn down the whole town, Tommy and the gang forge for Ice to battle it back
Episode 17
23 The Aliens April 30, 2000
When Aliens invade the town it's up to Tommy to save the day
Episode 18
24 The Evil Mermaids Of Doom May 16, 2000
When the gang goes fishing and they stumble on to a bunch of mermaids who eat boys by bringing them to them by song
Episode 19
25 Abduction May 20, 2000
The townfolk are mysteriously being kidnapped by a force of light
Episode fj
26 Virus May 25, 2000
Tommy gets infected with a new-found disease and he accidentally spreads it all around the town
Episode rfh
27 Tangled Timeline May 29, 2000
Tommy and the gang returns back to the 80's from the episode, Crossover, to rescue a kidnapped Gunther
Episode rfd
28 Swimming In December November 12, 2000
It's christmas time, Tommy and Clear are struggling with finding gifts for each other, Alex is looking for a date, Jetta and Dorothy go on a girls night out of town and Gunther wanted everyone to come together to spend thier christmas time
Episode eyd
29 Heat Wave January 23, 2001
A massive heat wave hits the town causing electricity to go out and everyone forging for ice
Episode runf
30 Heart Of Ice January 29, 2001
31 Febuary 12, 2001

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