Tommy , Gunther , Mr. Garcia , Jetta ,Alex and Clear are sent to a biggest 4 part TV movie adventure ever to spawn under the sea in another parallel universe

Episode Information
Parallel Panic
Season №: 1
Episode №: 5
Airdate: June 6, 200

Part 1Edit

Clear was looking at molocuoles and see if they are just normal creatures just looking for a home and mostly it's just another set of germs and she got so agrevated and wanted to know when there could be a day where there could be another world out there "You're My Number One"

Meanwhile at the Diner Dash Tommy was cooking krabby pattys and he made a perfect patty and then a depressed Clear came in and sits down with Jetta Gunther and Alex and she told them "when will there ever be another universe out there other then earth "

then one night Clear prays to the heavens and plees to them "oh i wish that her and her friends will believe that one day they will be in a wonderful world that is in another dimension " then the star growed closer to Clear and it grabbed Tommy,Gunther,Jetta,Mr. Garcia and Alex through time and space with 2 aliens singing "E.T."

They landed in a cold, ravaged place, where trees were burning and people were screaming. "Hey guys, what happened to City Of Margona?" Gunther asked, turning to see some police saying, "We've got you now, Thomas Ankerly!" and arresting Tommy... this made Clear to an extreme guilt and pain

Part 2Edit

As things seemed to go wrong, a policeman suddenly realised the mistake. "Oh, sorry young kid! We had mistaken you for the gang leader Thomas Ankely."

Meanwhile when the gang stared looking for him adn they ended up on a wierd stop on the police station and ran in and found Tommy free and Clear ran to Tommy to hug him then Alex pushed her out the way and hugged him and then Clear asked the officer how did you know how this the person you were lookin for and they found out it was Thomas Ankely and they know that person it was Tommy's long lost brother and a criminal

Later Clear ran down and then Alex was in a fountain and singed (I Have Nothing) and she was inturupted by someone who threw a can of soda at her.