Shadow is a Tommy Anderson episode from season one . In this episode, Tommy and Mr. Garcia create a tainted burger killed a health inspector.

Episode Information
Season №: 1
Episode №: 3
Airdate: March , 3 2005
TommyMarathon Rank: #76

Locations Present:

  • Diner Dash
  • Hill where Tommy & Mr. Garcia bury the Health Inspector


  • Tommy Anderson
  • Mr. Garcia
  • Health Insector
  • Officer Nate
  • Officer Nancy
  • Janet Hope
  • Fake health inspector (on TV)
  • Clear Rivers (cameo)
  • Jetta Perkins (cameo)


While Tommy is cooking and Mr. Garcia is having a "money bath", a health inspector arrives for a surprise inspection. He tells Tommy to get him everything on the menu, and Tommy gives it to him.

Meanwhile, a television report reveals that someone is pretending to be a health inspector to obtain free food. Mr. Garcia believes that the health inspector on their premises is the impostor, and thus he and Tommy make a "nasty patty"

Just before the health inspector eats it, a fly goes into his mouth and knocks him out. As Tommy and Mr. Garcia watch him suffer from the kitchen, another TV report comes on that reveals that he was not the impostor.

They believe that their patty killed the health inspector, and begin panicking. That night, they bury him on a muddy hill, when the police suddenly arrive, offering to take them back to the Diner Dash.

Later that evening Health Inspectors Ghost came from the grave and came back to kill Tommy & Mr. Garcia for Revenge but all of a sudden the ghost got stcuk in a vacuum cleaner and got sucked in staying there forever

Tommy & Mr. Garcia vows to never speak of the horrible tragedy ever again and threw the vaccum in the trash compactor


When Tommy and Mr. Garcia are laughing and screaming about killing the health inspector, the stove is sitting to the right of the order window. Normally, it is centered under the order window.

  • In this episode, the Diner Dash has a green neon sign (this could be a reference to the movie Psycho), and it is on the right side of the Diner Dash, when regularly, it is on the left.
  • The ingredients to the Nasty Patty:
    • Original Krabby Patty Ingredients
    • Volcano Sauce
    • Seahorse Radish
    • Mr. Garcia's Toenail Clippings
    • Toilet Water
    • Gym Socks
    • Other Revolting Stuff
    • Buns