Tommy AndersonEdit

Tommy Anderson (born July 4, 1997 ) is the main protagonist and the eponymous character of the Xavier

Thomas "Tommy" Anderson
Gender Male
Age 18
Color Brunette
Nationality USA
Hometown Witchita Hills
Born July 17, 1995
Professional Information
Profession Frycook at Diner Dash
Friends and Family
  • Damon Anderson (father)
  • Emma Anderson (mother)
Siblings Unnamed brothers
Grandparents Grandma Anderson
Children Ethan Anderson
Spouse Clear Rivers (wife)
Pets Brewster (dog)
  • Gunther Meeks (best friend)
  • Jetta Perkins
  • Mr. Garcia
  • Alex Monday
  • Joanna Millberry
  • Dorthey
  • Jake Simpson
  • Blaine
  • Jesse Moss
  • Moose
Behind the Scenes
First Appearence: Pilot: Sponged Together
Portrayed by: Garrett Heyland

designed by artistic freak and creator Xavier Jackson, and is voiced by Jake Cherry.


Tommy is a childish, eccentric teenager who lives in a suburban home in the city of Margona. He works as a fry cook at the Diner Dash, a job which he is exceptionally skilled at. Tommy is very immature (some episodes he acts mature) and is a constant annoyance to those around him, but he is very good natured. Tommy is a very calm, mature, and an active character with a calm personality. He is a very chill responsible person, and will often stop at nothing to accomplish a task.

He is also extremely calm and intelligent unlike his friend,Gunther Meeks that he usually gets the trick easily by Mr. Garcia, Jetta, and anyone else that is clear to use him or want to hurt him, Tommy is never shown to bear a grudge to anyone. Tommy also has shown a enormous talent in many things like karate techniques, jellyfishing, skateboard, snowboarding, surfing and being a frycook.


Clear RiversEdit

(wife, in love with, sexual, mother of child)

See info in Clommy

Clear Rivers is a scientific karate exterodinare. She is one of Tommy's closest friends and he usually comes to her for all of his problems. She's been in love with him for some time now, despite him being married. He too has deep feelings for her, but never acted on it due to his marriage and supposedly expecting ex, Alex. Clear, tired of pining after Tommy, became engaged to football player Moose, who is deeply in love with her, but his feelings are one sided.

In Love, he talks about starting a family with Clear and they seemed to have moved in together, for they are seen waking up in bed together/in bed together many times.

In Yes/No, Clear continues to mention her desire to be married. Tommy gets Tommy and the Hi-Seas to come up with multiple songs to help propose to Clear. Ending with Tommy choosing We Found Love. Having the Tommy and the Hi-Seas perform We Found Love in the hotel's pool. Tommy proposes to Clear, to which she accepts.

In Winter Finale, Clear and Tommy finally get married.

Alex MondayEdit


The relationship was first mentioned in Love, when Tommy reveal to Gunther that they were in a relationship. Tommy breaks up with her when he found out that she was being a bitch to everyone